EasyLog 2016 novità

New EasyLog menu structure, with a new section: LoTW


Setup: a setup dialog box will be shown, see forward for more details (the ARRL web site is: www.lotw.arrl.org)

Status: a green Led will show if the TQSL (the LoTW system software) is installed and running. A green Led will show if the PC is correctly connected to the internet, and a green Led will show if the LoTW web site has been connected correctly (EasyLog will show the green Led if it will be able to login into the LoTW web server)

Upload: the combo list box permits to change the upload time (every n minutes), the button perform a manual (forced) upload of the ADIF file to the ARRL

Download: as for the Upload section.

Cronologia: a folder will be shown with sub-folder for the uploaded and downloaded ADIF files from/to ARRL

DX Hunter: the DX Hunter dialog box will be shown

LoTW1.txt: pressing the button will perform a manual download of the LoTW1.txt file (an ASCII file) used by EasyLog to show the info for each DX-Spot (if the spotted call is a LoTW subriber, it will be shown in the DXCluster)

Finestra di Setup


In this dialog box must be set:

  1. username/password of your account, used to access the  www.lotw.arrl.org web site
  2. callsign linked to the “Station Location”
  3. QTH linked to the “Station Location”


News in EasyLog 2015

New Panel Cluster interface

New QSL window section