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QSL Wizard, the innovative QSL design and printing module of EasyLog will allow you to design superior looking QSL labels easily and avoid exhausting work sessions to find the best configuration for your printer and your label form.

QSL Wizard can use any printer and any self-adhesive label form designed for Laser/Ink-jet A4/Letter and Legal size. QSL Wizard also supports direct printing of QSLs on card stock.

QSL Wizard takes advantage of the most advanced visual designing techniques like WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) and Drag and Drop.

The software comes with a list of ready-to-use formats that can be used as they are, or adapted to fit your own needs.

The user can create any kind of label by choosing a macro from a wide list (i.e., date in several formats, time, band, mode etc.), and decorations like lines, squares and images. Each macro can be placed and be saved for re-use in the future.

QSL Wizard has three different and independent layouts for each format: the single QSO (a QSO confirm per label), multi QSO (several QSO confirms to the same call on the same label) and SWL (confirm of listening report from an SWL station)