EasyLog features

EasyLog is a software for the Ham Radio Logging.

It is a multi-threaded software, so in respect to the previous versions, there are a lot of improvements for realtime operations, a DXspot voice announcement and up to 4 Packet Cluster connections.

EasyLog has been fine tuned for the latest operating systems like Windows 10, and runs very well on the older versions like Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 7.

In this version we focused on the user interface, that is completely new, with a lot of new options and functionalities not covered in the previous versions.

Quick description:

  • A periodically updated Manager database
  • A periodically updated “Check File” (a file used by EasyLog to extract from a callsign the right Country, Zone, Continent and prefix)
  • Set of more than 100 custom awards
  • Multimedia pack (a set of female voice files for DX Spot spelling)
  • Advanced Radio interface
  • An SMS server (useful to send spots to your mobile phone)
  • Threaded communication architecture and DX Spot voice announcement. We boosted the performances for the DX Spot spelling
  • Free technical support: free release downloading, newsletter, database updating for managers, check and custom awards during the subscription period
  • Running/Contest window for the real-time DX hunting
  • A powerful QSL Wizard: a QSL visual designer with inches and millimeters support for US and European label forms
  • “Print Awards” to print the official award application (DXCC,WPX,WAZ,WAC), You need only to sign and send the application!
  • World map with DXCC countries and a world wide locator grid, sunrise and sunset and grayline
  • Powerful Voice keyer
  • CW keyer
  • Single DX Spot window that captures the incoming DX Spots from the 4 DX Cluster windows with automatic suppression of duplicate spots
  • Improved DX Spot filter (for bands, modes, continents)
  • Callbook support: QRZ.com and HamQTH.com (for internet access) and RAC CD-ROM support
  • Backup module: zip compatible, with circular backup feature, backup on floppy disk or on your Hard disk to allow burning cd-roms or external USB disk

QSO Logging

  • Edit fields directly in the QSO dialog box: includes Manager, Power, Satellite
  • Log settings in the same add/edit dialog box
  • QSL rules to directly route a QSL to the QSL Buffer, when the QSO is a new entity or it is a first contact
  • Up to 5 logs opened at the same time
  • QSL card image linked to its QSO (with native support for scanners)
  • The add/edit QSO window, has some new fields, and a set of new options to improve the input operations.
  • Up to 30 custom awards can be linked at each QSO

Log window

  • Confirmed QSOs in the Log browser are highlighted in yellow
  • Dialog box for field selection and order
  • Default QSO dialog box: if you are inserting QSOs with common data (for example during a contest) the default dialog box could help you adding automatically the common data
  • Vertical sizable Log window
  • Indexes to show the QSOs ordered by date & time, call, band, mode, DXCC, WAZ, WAC, WPX, Locator
  • Callbook searching on CD-ROM, QRZ.com and HamQTH.com web site, with a simple click
  • Automatic Manager search. Automatically select the most recent Manager
  • Band plan for Region 1, Region 2, Region 3
  • Communication modes database easy to update
  • QSO History in a dialog box: simply insert a QSO and see when a callsign has been worked
  • Memo dialog box for each QSO. You can insert up to 4000 characters for each QSO.
  • Up to 5 Logs opened at the same time

Awards support

  • Coloured browser with bitmap markers for a more intuitive interface
  • New score dialog box
  • Log Of The World automatic support for DXCC and WAZ
  • Automatic tracking for DXCC, WPX, WAZ, WAC
  • Up 30 custom awards for each Log
  • Printouts for complete, not worked, worked not confirmed, confirmed not credited references
  • Force dialog box: to change the confirmed call selected by EasyLog
  • Easy way to credit a reference (with a simple click)
  • A dialog box shows all the data for the confirmed QSO
  • Awards pack included with more than 100 ready-to-use awards
  • Supports up to 30 different custom awards for each Log at the same time


  • 4 DX Cluster interfaces – 2 TCP/IP (internet DX cluster); 2 packet radio cluster (by using a TNC-2 compatible modem)
  • Completely new Cluster interface
  • Threaded comunications and DX spot announcement for best performance, no more waiting for a DX spot spelling!
  • New dockable DX alert window. All the received DX Spots are collected, queued and serialized.
  • Support for automatic password entry for DX Clusters that requires one
  • Algorithm that avoids dupes when connected to differents clusters

PSK Window

  • Native interface for PSK31 and PSK63
  • Two receiving windows
  • Macro support
  • Spectrum and waterfall tuning indicators


  • Bidirectional ADIF converter. Import/export from/to ADIF format
  • Converter utility to import your EasyLog4 logs. New powerful features to copy QSOs between EasyLog5 Logs

Technical support

  • Technical support in 5 languages


  • New printable detailed manuals and documentation in PDF format
  • Available in many languages: English, Italian, German, Swedish and Spanish. New languages will be added soon

Radio support

  • Advanced and powerful radio support
  • Threaded comunications and DX spot voice announcement for best performances
  • 2 radio interfaces: they can work at the same time with different transceivers

Manager support

  • Free updates for QSL manager database

Running window

  • Running window for realtime QSO hunting. In a snap you can know if a call is needed. With a single button click the QSO is logged
  • DX Hunting: options to help the DX hunting, you may know when a call has been contacted before (the first time, the last time, when on that band, when on that mode, or all the QSOs worked with that call)
  • “Passive contest” useful to partecipate to a contest: QSO numbers automatically generated by EasyLog.