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EasyLog 2018 what's new:

The new release published in December 2018 introduces full support for the two new 4m and 60m bands.

A data connection to the WSJT software is also introduced to operate in digital mode FT8. With simple settings it is possible to send to EasyLog the data of the QSO just made in FT8.

How to set the communication between EasyLog and WSJT

If you don't have WSJT-X installed in your PC, please donwload and install it.

The following steps show how to set the parameters for WSJT-X to communicate with EasyLog.

Open the settings dialog box, that is in the main menu and "File" then "Settings..."




You must enable the check box "Enable logged contact ADIF broadcast" in the above dialog box.

As the following pics indicate, you must enable the check box "Activate WSJT QSO capture" in EasyLog. The check box is in the main




After enabling the check box, close EasyLog and restart it.