Cronologia novità

EasyLog - principali caratteristiche

  • A periodically updated Manager database
  • A periodically updated “Check File” (a file used by EasyLog to extract from a callsign the right Country, Zone, Continent and prefix)
  • Set of more than 100 custom awards
  • Multimedia pack (a set of female voice files for DX Spot spelling)
  • Advanced Radio interface with support for OmniRig (EasyLog 2019)
  • An SMS server (useful to send spots to your mobile phone)
  • Threaded communication architecture and DX Spot voice announcement. We boosted the performances for the DX Spot spelling
  • Free technical support: free release downloading, newsletter, database updating for managers, check and custom awards during the subscription period
  • Running/Contest window for the real-time DX hunting
  • A powerful QSL Wizard: a QSL visual designer with inches and millimeters support for US and European label forms
  • “Print Awards” to print the official award application (DXCC,WPX,WAZ,WAC), You need only to sign and send the application!
  • World map with DXCC countries and a world wide locator grid, sunrise and sunset and grayline
  • Powerful Voice keyer
  • CW keyer
  • Single DX Spot window that captures the incoming DX Spots from the 4 DX Cluster windows with automatic suppression of duplicate spots
  • Improved DX Spot filter (for bands, modes, continents)
  • Callbook support: and (for internet access) and RAC CD-ROM support
  • Backup module: zip compatible, with circular backup feature, backup on floppy disk or on your Hard disk to allow burning cd-roms or external USB disk

QSO Logging

  • Edit fields directly in the QSO dialog box: includes Manager, Power, Satellite
  • Log settings in the same add/edit dialog box
  • QSL rules to directly route a QSL to the QSL Buffer, when the QSO is a new entity or it is a first contact
  • Up to 5 logs opened at the same time
  • QSL card image linked to its QSO (with native support for scanners)
  • The add/edit QSO window, has some new fields, and a set of new options to improve the input operations.
  • Up to 30 custom awards can be linked at each QSO

Finestra Log

  • Confirmed QSOs in the Log browser are highlighted in yellow
  • Dialog box for field selection and order
  • Default QSO dialog box: if you are inserting QSOs with common data (for example during a contest) the default dialog box could help you adding automatically the common data
  • Vertical sizable Log window
  • Indexes to show the QSOs ordered by date & time, call, band, mode, DXCC, WAZ, WAC, WPX, Locator
  • Callbook searching on CD-ROM, and web site, with a simple click
  • Automatic Manager search. Automatically select the most recent Manager
  • Band plan for Region 1, Region 2, Region 3
  • Communication modes database easy to update
  • QSO History in a dialog box: simply insert a QSO and see when a callsign has been worked
  • Memo dialog box for each QSO. You can insert up to 4000 characters for each QSO.
  • Up to 5 Logs opened at the same time

Gestione diplomi

  • Coloured browser with bitmap markers for a more intuitive interface
  • New score dialog box
  • Log Of The World automatic support for DXCC and WAZ
  • Automatic tracking for DXCC, WPX, WAZ, WAC
  • Up 30 custom awards for each Log
  • Printouts for complete, not worked, worked not confirmed, confirmed not credited references
  • Force dialog box: to change the confirmed call selected by EasyLog
  • Easy way to credit a reference (with a simple click)
  • A dialog box shows all the data for the confirmed QSO
  • Awards pack included with more than 100 ready-to-use awards
  • Supports up to 30 different custom awards for each Log at the same time


  • 4 DX Cluster interfaces – 2 TCP/IP (internet DX cluster); 2 packet radio cluster (by using a TNC-2 compatible modem)
  • Completely new Cluster interface
  • Threaded comunications and DX spot announcement for best performance, no more waiting for a DX spot spelling!
  • New dockable DX alert window. All the received DX Spots are collected, queued and serialized.
  • Support for automatic password entry for DX Clusters that requires one
  • Algorithm that avoids dupes when connected to different clusters

Finestra PSK

  • Native interface for PSK31 and PSK63
  • Two receiving windows
  • Macro support
  • Spectrum and waterfall tuning indicators


  • Bidirectional ADIF converter. Import/export from/to ADIF format
  • Converter utility to import your EasyLog4 logs. New powerful features to copy QSOs between EasyLog5 Logs

Supporto tecnico

  • Supporto tencico in 5 lingue

Supporto Radio

  • Advanced and powerful radio support
  • Threaded comunications and DX spot voice announcement for best performances
  • 6 radio interfaces: they can work at the same time with different transceivers
  • OmniRig support

Archivio manager integrato

  • Aggiornamento grtuito dell'archivio manager 

Finestra Running

  • Running window for realtime QSO hunting. In a snap you can know if a call is needed. With a single button click the QSO is logged
  • DX Hunting: options to help the DX hunting, you may know when a call has been contacted before (the first time, the last time, when on that band, when on that mode, or all the QSOs worked with that call)
  • “Passive contest” useful to partecipate to a contest: QSO numbers automatically generated by EasyLog.